The legislative debate on Beacon Hill about drug pricing is regularly about the price of the drug instead about policies that can reduce what patients pay out-of-pocket or what hurdles patients must clear to access the right therapy for them.

Supporting Real Solutions for Affordability and Access

THE PROBLEM: In 2019, in Massachusetts alone, pharmaceutical companies rebated more than


back to health insurance companies and middlemen – money that should be shared with customers and provide savings at the pharmacy counter. Instead, these rebates become profits for health insurance companies and middlemen.

THE SOLUTION: Legislation currently pending in the Massachusetts Legislature (HB 1224/SB 627 – An Act Relative to promoting healthcare access and affordability for patients) would directly tackle this problem by requiring health care plans to pass at least 80% of rebates received from pharmaceutical companies on covered drug products to patients in the form of lower copayments at the pharmacy counter.